Word Count

Yesterday I hit ( and even surpassed) my word count goal for my “writer’s retreat” in Hawai’i.  Hurrah!  Yay!

To reward myself I bought a cute little bracelet I’d had my eye on since I arrived here two weeks ago. Noting extravagant, a little silver thing with a charm of the Big Island.  But I love it.

Bought the bracelet.  Shop owner fastened it on my wrist.  Drove home happy.

Decided to further reward myself with a shower.

Which was when I discovered I couldn’t get the bracelet off.  I tried until my thumbs were bruised.  Then my sister-in-law tried until her thumbs were bruised.  No luck.

So today, my last day in Hawai’i, I will be spending the morning driving back to the shop in Waimea to see if the bracelet’s creator can get it off for me.

There’s a moral in that story somewhere.