Back to Winter

I’ve been back home in Minnesota for a week now.  News flash:  it’s still winter here.

Winter, and with Lent coming up next week.  I have to wonder if Lent is any easier if you live in Hawaii.  If I had to guess I’d say Minnesota offers more unavoidable opportunities to offer up stuff.  For example, “I will not swear under my breath when I open the door to today’s Arctic blast-in-the-face.”  You don’t get that kind of opportunity in Hawaii.  Or “I will not check the calendar to see how long it is until the first tomatoes are ripe.”  Kind of pointless in Hawaii.  Because the answer is usually “about ten minutes.”

There are probably things you can offer up in Hawaii that are harder to do there.  Like “I will not watch the lovely tropical sunset tonight.”  Try saying that in Minnesota.  (“What sun?”)

I know a few things I’ll do this Lent. For example, I plan to renew my “Magnificat” subscription.  And I will make an extra effort not to lose my “Magnificat” when it arrives six weeks early  (why do they do that? Why does the April issue arrive in the mail in February?  Don’t they understand the risk that entails?).

What about you, reader?  Any Lenten plans yet?