“Breakfast” At Dinner

So last night I’m having dinner with some friends.  In-laws of in-laws, to be precise.  People I see maybe once every two years.

“So, Susan.  What have you been up to lately?”

Writers like me squirm at this question.  I mean, I know what I’ve been up to: I’ve been writing.  But try telling that to a non-writer.  You usually don’t get a lot of comprehension.

Luckily I had news.  “Well,”  I said, “‘Breakfast with the Pope” just won a huge award.”  I told them about the Writers’ Digest Self-Published Competition.  “”Breakfast with the Pope’ won first prize,”  I said.

“Really!”  “Congratulations!”  “That’s fantastic!”

And it is.  The award will be announced in the March 2015 issue of Writers’ Digest, and I couldn’t be happier.

And it’s available on Amazon and Kindle.

So- whatcha gonna read today?